The chaplains of GCS address the issues of later life, and we assist the residents and their families in their continued life journey. Between the losses and changes of this stage of life, seniors need not only to give up some of their independence but also to adjust to a new environment. The aim of GCS is to support the residents on the journey, and to help them meet the challenges with grace.

Our Director, Chaplains and Chaplain Interns offer comfort care, listening ears, a caring presence, as well as prayer, Scripture, even anointing when asked for by a resident or appropriate to a given situation. Each of our staff is sensitive to honoring wherever a resident, staff or family member is “coming from” regardless of a faith tradition.

GCS works to provide and co-ordinate Catholic Masses, Protestant Worship Services and Jewish Shabbat services, as well as other holiday and memorial service at the various homes.

Scheduling clergy requires both time and ongoing work to promote our efforts to encourage clergy’s ongoing volunteer participation in leadership for worship services. We also coordinate Bible studies, purchase worship materials, and scripture for the facilities. GCS also pays for the help provided by Chaplain Interns (CPE students) to add to our staff providing spiritual care to the residents.